Why Your Business Needs A Chatbot

Why Your Business Needs A Chatbot


Why Your Business Needs A Chatbot

Its platform is compatible with hundreds of third-party software providers includingWordpress, Drupal, Salesforce and Squarespace. Automatically adjust lead scores based on your leads’ likes, retweets, and shares. Behavior-based workflows can be created in SharpSpring to engage a lead at critical points in the buying process. Create pages with content personalized to each of your visitors. SharpSpring allows you to measure, compare, and optimize the performance of your forms in order to gain a deeper understanding of your marketing ROI. You have the option to set Visitor ID to only show you the visitors from specific industries you choose.


By signing up, you agree to Zapier’s terms of service and privacy policy. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most sharpspring chatbot important work. Go to the SETTINGS page, and under Integrations select SharpSpring. In the Visitors’ Details section, you can see the location of the user.

Better Digital Customer Service: Key To Ux

We realised that, for a B2B marketing agency, our chatbot’s role was to provide basic details for those looking, as well as signpost some content those users might find useful. Use your CRM data to provide a rich, relevant experience that no other chatbot can equal. Our system of distinct chatbots knows who you’re interacting with, what they require, and where they are within your sales process, allowing you to generate 24/7 conversions. Boost lead scores, notify lead owners, start drip series, and do more with integrated chatbots. SharpSpring is a sales and marketing automation platform that helps you automate your prospects’ buyer journey from first-time visitor through to a fully-fledged customer. Regardless, segmenting audiences and providing more relevant content and messages will increase chatbot performance. LiveChat is a premium partner chat app that allows you to communicate with the users visiting your website. With easy and quick installation, businesses can use this chatbot integration service to easily communicate with their customers whether they are using web, Mac/Windows or iOS/Android applications. Not only that, but the software LiveChat is also an advanced tool that will provide you with a robust number of useful functionalities. Combined with stellar communication and customer service, chatbots can help boost business productivity while making clients happier than ever.

We’ll strategize how you can use our platform for your particular business. We provide our clients with access to their own dedicated account manager who won’t just point you in the direction of a how-to document, but will actively fix any problem and support you with any queries hands-on. This means you can concentrate on delivering for your business. Capture, qualify, and engage with inbound leads using ScheduleOnce, ChatOnce, FormOnce and SubmitOnce. By using this partner chat app, you can utilize the pre-set shortcuts to respond quickly to inquiries. See how SharpSpring’s CRM and other features can help centralize and optimize your processes. Recruiting the right talent is one of the most important aspects of running a business – but it can also be one of the most time-consuming ones. With the right combination of tools, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. The team that trains you is the same that will give you support later.

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Getting this right is crucial to optimizing your marketing strategy. Chatbots can consult with leads or customers about their needs and offer personalized solutions. Perhaps the user knows they’ll need email marketing but aren’t sure exactly why. They visit your email marketing page where your chatbot provides valuable information to sell the benefits and drive them closer to a conversion. You’ve automated lead nurturing, while further cementing the presence of your brand with your audience.

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The Munro Agency provides you with some in-depth details about how well your site performs compared to your competition. Get feedback on your rank, link building, on-site SEO and much more. Click here to get an instant SEO report on your website or landing page completely FREE. Once you have the tracking code on your site and it is running, you do not need more code on the site to get the chatbot functioning. Marketing Automation allows you to expand your interactions in all directions.

You can gather authentic and timely feedback directly from your customers and website visitors using your chatbot. You can use this information to improve your website to answer common questions upfront or streamline their journey on your website. Create landing page funnels that are intuitive and look like your website and convert. Simply drag and drop to build powerful landing pages using SharpSpring’s extensive library of templates – no coding needed. Additionally, transform visitors into leads with landing page funnels. With hyper-personalization built into SharpSpring, you can show different people, different content. Alternatively, similar B2B service providers can use chatbots to generate user feedback on the website and its content or use it as a customer service tool.

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We provide onboarding and ongoing support to help implement the program and expand it as your business grows. Note that the four variables were collected in the first four boxes of the diagram. Only conversational interface for your business one of first or last name is needed, as they are concatenated into one name before submitting to SharpSpring. SharpSpring’s live chat lets you chat with your site visitors right from Slack.

Manage Your Social Content

As technology continues to evolve, chatbots are increasingly able to offer highly specialized recommendations and advice. Your customers want answers now, but you need to focus on delivering great products and services. Answering the same questions again and again simply isn’t the best use of your time. Let’s take a look at our Chatbot application and how you can set up your chatbot. The chatbot is going to be on the Marketing navigation bar at the top of the page. You will see the ‘Chatbot’ option and the ‘Chatbot report’ option. Chatbot reports will take some of the functionality from custom reports, and pre-build you a template chatbot report, giving you all the information. You can then edit your reports, filter them and schedule them. The reports will offer you information on how your leads are interacting with your chatbots. Its flexible features allow you to customize the name and description of every deal stage – making it extremely adaptive to your business model.

  • Users can either mark it as active or inactive, meaning the available agent to take those chats.
  • Choose from hundreds of templates or customize forms with your branding and designs.
  • Our 2020 CRM Buyer’s Guide helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace.
  • Designed to help you build higher value relationships and increase recurring revenue.
  • You can gather authentic and timely feedback directly from your customers and website visitors using your chatbot.

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